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Post  Eeen on Tue Dec 16, 2008 1:57 pm

I just visited Japan, and its so much bigger than our home. I am gonna make a little video for you tube.
Problem is getting in, it takes a while to make a Japanese account . My Japanese user name is talk_english and so far I've met a few americans who see to like the politeness of the Japanese Home users and some japanese who speak a little english.
I'll post a "How you can get a Japanese Account" if anyone wants to know. It's also good for seeing games in the Japanese playstation store sooner than we get them in the UK. One problemo is .. things are in Japanese.
But Home is probably twice as big in Japan with a nice Cafe, better games arcade and generally non abusive users.

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Japanese Home Empty A forth home !

Post  Ace on Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:56 am

As well as The European, USA and Japanese Homes we stumbled accross what possibly is another version of Home.
It was possibly a back up server for the Japanese home or a newer test version, or maybe it was going to be the Korean or Chinese version?
We were in the Japanese home and had an invite to an american users apartment, we went over there into the US version of home. We then went to the door to come out and we ended up in what we thought was Japan. Only thing is there was nobody there. I thought at first it would load up other users, but nope me and o-Dutch-0 were all alone in another home server. We went into the Cafe and shortly after another user did appear. so there were 3 of us in that whole Home server. We couldn't talk to the other user as they appeared to be from the far east and the olny word in english that they could spell was FAT?, really that is the only responce we had.
We went out into the centre and still no one there. We then went into the cinema, It is unbelievable. So much better than our Cinima, You can walk around it and sit in what look like egg capsules to view the movie. The screen was massive and they were showing the day the earth stood still in hi def. You could walk to the front and sit down or go to a friend and talk to them. Got some footage inside the cinema but only about 30 secs as I had a problem with my cameras. All in all a great night. I left the PSN on over night but when I came back this morning I had been logged out. So I'll try the same trick tonight to see if I can get back into our 4th Home.

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