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Post  Eeen on Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:52 am

The US version of home is similar looking to our European one but has a few extra features that for some unknown reason we dont have yet.
Home square has a pond in the middle and there is quite a good little game that you can play with remote controlled spaceships . We soon got out of home square though as it had a large amount of degenerates lurking around swearing at each other and playing gangsta rap mucic through their mics. They have some themed areas to explore, we went into the Far Cry 2 area, which there was 2 of. The Office was a bit of a nothing expierence, but the recreated African train station was quite unusual to walk around if like me you are a fan of the game, its worth a visit but once again a much larger amount of aggressive obnoxious idiots than you would get in European home. Every where you look there are stared out messages bouve you and people making sugestive remarks to the girls.
The other differece was the cinima which looked similar to ours but once inside you can walk around same as you can in the japanese one. Haven't been to the Games area as I didn't fancy being stabbed or gang raped by some druggies who dont like strangers in their part of the world.
If you want to check it out simply form another user on the PSN and locate them in the USA . Only thing you might get stuck on in the zip code that must match the state . I used the city of Indian wells in California zip 92210 , Best to use a valid e mail address everything else just make up, but best to remember your email Address and password in case you need it sometime.
Why bother making an american account ?
Well the US store often has stuff in it before ours and a number of games have regional servers so if you have friends in the US m you will be able to play them on any game.

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